Treehouse Comic Shop

Treehouse Comic Shop is open!  Next vaca will be early 2022.  All books $10+ have front/back scans.  Minimum order is $15 and ONE COPY LIMIT on hot books!  Checkout is via Paypal.

 NOTE - Once in a while checkout can't connect to Paypal, seems to affect orders with 30+ items.  You can always email a list of books to me at, I'll send an invoice.  Using "contact us" is not advised, I turned off notifications due to tons of spam.


large bend, otherwise not bad ..
Rare set by Eros Comix, conditions FVF to VF- except for issue 2 which is FN due to a banged corner,..
Still in near-new condition, I covered up the exciting parts but still rejected by Ebay. ..
Antarctic Press, adult content ..
Not much reading wear but has a store stamp from The Time Capsule (Rhode Island) on back ..
nice except for a 3 inch tear at the base of the spine.  Early Ed McGuinness, mature content. ..
2004 by SLG, mature content ..
stock image, Marilyn Monroe sketches, adult content, Caliber Press ..
1997 Verotik title, banged up back cover ..
A1 True Life Bikini Confidential  FN+ Out Of Stock
stock image, 1990 one-shot, 6.95 cover, early Adam Hughes, Adult content! ..