Treehouse Comic Shop

Treehouse Comic Shop is on VACA as of 3/14!  Software is 7 years old & due for some upgrades, will still be adding books to the store, updates will be posted here.  All books $10+ have front/back scans.  Minimum order is $15 and ONE COPY LIMIT on hot books!  Checkout is via Paypal.

 NOTE - Using "contact us" is not advised, I turned off notifications due to tons of spam.  Use my personal email

Update 5/14 -  No website updates yet, busy spring & now have to help my mom who fell & injured herself, but will be opening up for a bit in June, maybe the 11th or so.

50th anniversary connecting cover ..
not totally blank, thumb doesn't show a big faint "A" on the front cover ..
MyComicShop says this is a 2nd print, comic itself just says "alternate edition" ..