Treehouse Comic Shop

The Treehouse is open!  Next vaca is probably January.  All books $10+ have front/back scans.  Minimum order is $15 and one copy limit on hot books.  Checkout is via Paypal.  It's more work, but I can also send invoices through Stripe, in which case just email me a list of books with preferred shipping.  Send all emails to


Update 11/19 - Site was down for a few days but we're back.  Seems like every time there's a server update it screws me up.  At some point I will start again from scratch, new hosting co, new software, new payment system, etc, just need a big chunk of time.  SO, if the site goes down again, save your bookmark, I may just pull the plug on the old site & start a new one.


Original series from 2007, FN+ to VF, bagged & boarded ..
minimal reading wear but a bit scuffed on bottom edge of back cover ..
both deluxe one-shots from 1994, these are roughly VGF with some surface scuffing, bagged & boar..
from 2003, only minor wear with conditions around VF, bagged & boarded ..
Both sets from Antarctic Press, 1998 and 1999.  FVF to VFNM, bagged & boarded. ..
GVG to VG+, bagged & boarded   ..
from 2002, art by Mike Hoffman, some adult content, 1-2 are FVF and VF, bagged & boarded ..