Treehouse Comic Shop

Treehouse Comic Shop  is open for June!  All books $10+ have front/back scans.  Minimum order is $7 and ONE COPY LIMIT on hot books!  Checkout is via Paypal but PM me if you need another way.

6/28 - Vaca starts June 30, will clean out sold books, add new stuff, likely open again for a week in August, will post updates here.

scans added, couple small spine splits repaired with tape ..
scans added, cup ring on front, 2 inch tear coming down from top edge ..
Not terrible at first glance but spine is about 2/3 split, also staining along bottom edge ..
several large creases, cover detached top staple ..
scans added, slightly over 2 inch split at top of spine ..
Creasing, staining along part of the spine, mostly on back ..
Multiple top to bottom bends so a possible subscription copy, also some staining on back, still in s..
Tired & tanned but it's all there, cover detached at top staple ..
scans added, little bit banged up around the base of the spine, first Grizzly ..
faint imprint on front from something being set on it, a light perhaps ..
spine is almost completely split but it's complete ..
scans added, very tired but all there & attached ..
very tired with several small tears, insides all there ..
well read copy with some smudging on back, very minor tape repair on interior ..
chunk missing bottom edge, also spine has split a bit near the upper staple, otherwise not too bad t..
Fairly significant staining bottom right corner, cover is also detached, tape has been used to re-at..
staining bottom right corner, affects both covers but not much on the interior ..
surface wear the main flaw, few creases too ..
some small creases around the edges, dirty on back, fairly white though ..
Would have graded FN+ but the center is detached at one staple ..
spine stress, creamy in general, scanner tends to exaggerate the tanning a bit ..
only minor wear, main flaw is it's creamy ..